One partner resources

The below documents are designed for school MIS providers with an interest in becoming a Capita One partner. These provide an overview of the B2B:Student solutions available to support the transfer of Student and Attendance data from school MIS systems to the Capita One solution. They will assist with the creation of an XML output, which is compatible and compliant.

  • B2B Student Process Guidance (PDF)
    This guide provides information on the B2B: Student process and assistance with implementing the schema definition below.
  • B2B Student XSD (You will require a suitable viewer e.g. Microsoft Visual Studio to open this .XSD file)
    This XSD file should be used by MIS providers to validate student XML documents prior to transfer. It provides mandatory and optional requirements to ensure your transfer is compatible.
  • B2B Student XSD (PDF)
    This PDF file describes the XSD above in a more visual format.
  • B2B Personnel
  • Process Overview


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