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Tailored and off-the-shelf integration services

We offer off-the-shelf and tailored technical solutions to help support your authority’s workflows and ensure your teams can be as efficient as possible.

Benefit from our technical expertise

You may have a specific technical requirement to integrate One with other systems, or need to change a case load territory based on different team areas. Our experienced integration services team can also help you with data importing, data cleaning and more efficient administration.

Off-the-shelf solutions

If you’re looking to integrate One with other systems to improve the efficiency of your business processes, our experienced team offers off-the-shelf solutions, including:

  • data cleaning
  • data quality improvements
  • data migration.

Tailored solutions

We can customise data scripts to meet specific technical requirements such as incorporating unique corporate workflows or terminology, or using One alongside your corporate document management system or SAP. Our advanced import tool enables us to import data effectively from other systems.