Three reasons to join our software update webinars if you’re a senior leader

By Jes East

If you’re a senior leader within a local authority, the use of data and software may seem a step removed from your role, and yet more and more senior leaders are talking to us directly about data within their environment.

Why? Because the decisions they make are informed by information held within the council, in many cases using Capita’s One software. Not only do they want (and need) to keep up with the latest statutory requirements, but they feel the time is right to start exploring the new generation of analytics to improve outcomes.

There’s a good deal happening, both in central government, and in the field of technology, which can make a significant difference to how directors and managers can lead their teams to achieve better outcomes for children and young people, even within limited staff resources. Which is why we’re inviting heads of service, team managers, assistant directors/directors and other senior leaders to join our remote webinars in October.

Here’s a flavour of three areas which are likely to be of particular interest to you:

  • GDPR: looking to the future
    Something that none of us can ignore, whatever role we’re in, is the new General Data Protection Regulation coming into force next year. Join this session to find out how GDPR affects children and families services, including a look at personal data and the right to consent.
  • Using insights to improve lives: predictive analytics in children and families services
    To uncover insights from your data, you need to be capturing the right information day-to-day in the first place. This session will look at the new predictive analytics tool in One and explain our plans for supporting early help with predictive analytics and advances in machine learning. We’ll also consider some of the ethical issues you’ll need to consider with these technologies.
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of services
    Would you like to understand exactly how effective a particular service is? We look at how reporting across case management data can help not only with capturing data for statutory returns, but with evaluating services at a local level. The session will draw on examples in youth justice, but the themes apply equally to SEND, social care and education services.

These are just a flavour of what’s being featured – there are also sessions on early years self-service portals, transport and enhanced case management tools, as well as the Department for Education guest-presenting an informative session on Data Exchange.

As you can see, the webinars are about a lot more than just the software – I hope you’ll join us for what promise to be a series of useful and informative sessions. For the full range please see the software update webinars webpage.

How to take part
Simply go to the software update webinars webpage and select the webinars you’re interested in.


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