Why the Capita One user groups are so popular

By James Kerr

Have you ever taken part in one of our regional user groups? If you have, the results of our customer survey below probably won’t come as a surprise.

100% of the customers responding to our survey believe that the groups offer a good opportunity to network with other local authorities. In an age where time always seems to be in short supply, it’s no surprise that opportunities to meet with like-minded colleagues to discuss best practice have become more limited and this is one of the reasons that our user groups are so unique.

Everyone taking part gets a chance to share experiences with others who understand the challenges, and who often have advice on how to approach the issues based on what they feel has worked in their authority.

statistics about user groups

You can see from the infographic above that a significant number of customers also value the chance to be shown demonstrations of One, whether previews of new solutions or enhancements to existing products. And an even higher proportion (97%) values the opportunity to chat to our staff directly. We very much appreciate that aspect too – it makes such a difference being able to meet customers in person to hear your views and experiences of One. 

How to join one of our user groups

Take a look at my blog which outlines what to expect from the meetings and gives details of the regional locations and any confirmed dates - we run the groups throughout the year and update these details regularly. If you’d be interested in attending one and would like to be kept in touch with the dates of any groups near you, please contact the One Continual Service Improvement team at oneCSIteam@capita.co.uk


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