East Riding of Yorkshire Council: Sharing real-time data to improve children’s lives

East Riding of Yorkshire Council wanted to ensure it was providing its 150 schools with the information needed to deliver the very best support to pupils. By introducing business intelligence tool, PRIME, information-sharing has been transformed, resulting in better outcomes for children and young people.

Before introducing PRIME, the process of data sharing was costly and a huge administrative burden. Using PRIME, schools and other agencies are given online access to the latest data on children in their care, removing data requests from the council and therefore saving time and money.

The initiative has removed much of the administrative burden for the authority. The benefits team alone has saved an estimated six weeks work in collating data on children entitled to free school meals.

Critically, it is helping headteachers to see a complete picture of children and provide support without unnecessary delays and has helped schools identify associated funding needs more efficiently. For one school, the use of PRIME has helped secure an additional £200,000 of pupil premium funding, which can be invested in improving outcomes for vulnerable children.

The council has found the use of PRIME so helpful that it is now looking to extend the use of the tool to include data from the police, healthcare professionals and Early Years teams, ensuring everyone has access to child information relevant to their role.

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