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Social care

Social care

The whole picture so you can act early to transform lives

We’re leading a new way of thinking about social care and technology to help local authorities transform how social care services for adults, children and families are delivered.

In close collaboration with the social care community, we’re developing an innovative, intuitive solution to support local authorities to safeguard the most vulnerable and deliver better outcomes.

Finding the solution

We know if you could change one thing, it would be for your social care teams to have more time with the children, adults and families who need them.

We believe we can help.

To see where the blocks were to efficient workflows, we shadowed social workers and consulted local authorities. Our innovative, intuitive system is based on this insight, supporting smarter case management and multi-agency working so that every crucial detail is picked up.

Leaving your teams more time for the all-important day job of turning people’s lives around.

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