Early intervention

Early intervention

Drawing on a wide range of data, from schools and other agencies, you are able to view relevant information on a child’s life, from pre-birth through to young adulthood.

By recording information at both family and individual level, you do not spend time matching data from different systems and creating spreadsheets that are out of date as soon as they are collated.

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Identify and share potential problems early

Our solutions help you protect the most vulnerable children by sharing data across multi-agency teams to create a single, clear view of children and families. Allowing you to group and prioritise at risk children and families you are able to spot any negative changes easily and provide early support.

Demonstrate the impact of services on identified children and families

Through identifying which children and families are likely to meet or fail particular criteria, you are able to target interventions, make effective use of resources and maximise Payment by Results funding. Powerful reporting gives you a live picture of how children and troubled families are progressing.

For Barnsley Council, the early identification of children at risk of becoming NEET was an important but laborious task.  Using the One Child Profiling Tool, the authority can now gather all of the information needed to identify these vulnerable children in about an hour.

Tracey Herbert, Targeted Youth Support Service, Barnsley Council

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Monitor attainment of children in care

Capita One’s Virtual Schools Head solution is designed to help you create, administer and report on the progress of a virtual school, collating data already available in One and other solutions. Having all the information in one place allows for decisions to be made earlier, giving the child the chance of achieving the best possible educational outcomes.

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