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One Analytics

One Analytics

Explore trends across your data to identify the most vulnerable.

With increasing budgetary pressures and demand for services, having a complete picture of the needs of children and families in your local area, and the services you are providing, has never been more important.

One Analytics provides teams at all levels with the information needed to make evidenced-based decisions across your One education, early years, youth and social care data.

Identify those most in need of early help services

Easily compare the performance and progression of vulnerable groups with other cohorts to spot trends and identify children at risk. With instant access to information about your looked-after children you can identify inequalities and monitor the impact of supportive strategies.

Provide teams with the information they need to make a real difference

With information at their fingertips and personalised dashboards, managers at all levels can ensure that no child is overlooked and resources are focused on the services and interventions that deliver most impact.

Free up reporting functions so that they can better support service teams

Business intelligence tools, powered by Tableau, enable report writers to quickly and efficiently create visualisations and dashboards.

This frees up their time to analyse and investigate trends and root causes, rather than collate data.

Support multi-agency working and strengthen relationships with schools

Enable multi-agency teams, including schools and academies, to access appropriate information about the young people they are working with so they can support more targeted interventions.

Support commissioning decisions

Data discovery tools enable you to identify the delivery areas that may be most suited for commissioned services, whilst dashboards enable the performance of providers to be monitored.

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