By consolidating information on young people into a single record, you are able to identify those at risk and target and monitor interventions.

Capita One’s Youth suite can be locally configured to bring together data from youth support services including substance misuse, sexual health, advice and guidance, targeted support and youth justice teams.

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Share information to save time and improve outcomes

Support workers are able to provide more intelligent based interventions by drawing upon a range of information from all youth services and schools including SEND, exclusions, attainment and attendance.

Monitor the impact of interventions authority wide

The data from One Youth allows you to understand which interventions are having the greatest impact, helping you to make informed future spending decisions and ensuring your budget is allocated where it can make a real difference to young people.

The software has has dramatically reduced the number of phone calls teams have to make, freeing up time and resources which can be allocated to action plans that support young people in all areas of their lives.

Gareth Richards, senior performance analyst at
Southend-on-Sea Borough Council

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Supports those that go on to offend

One Youth Justice completes our fully integrated solution for Youth Services. It supports Youth Offending Teams by providing continuity of other involvements a young person may have received. Our solution encompasses the move to AssetPlus as outlined by the Youth Justice Board.

Ensure high participation by young people

One Youth provides efficient recording, reporting and monitoring across interactions with young people, to ensure high participation and reduced rates of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET).  With remote access to data, field workers are able to use the very latest, most accurate information.

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  • One Youth

    A single system that effectively supports all the teams that work with young people

  • Youth Justice

    An intuitive case management system that frees teams to spend more time with young people